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Ed | Web Design

As an insurance company Vice President for 11 years and 16 years in various roles at Microsoft, Ed has an established track record of successfully meeting business needs through technology.  His success has been built on the ability to quickly understand customer requirements and objectives.

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Susan | Project Manager

Susan has been working with businesses to attract customers for over 25 years. With a passion for great customer presentation, Susan helps businesses show the best of what they offer. Susan has sold directly to customers, business to business, and created effective marketing and systems for bringing in happy customers.

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The folks here at Peninsula Web Design are passionate about helping our clients meet their business objectives through creative and functional web designs.  We ensure that your site looks better than your competitors, is usable on every device, including smart phone, mobile and tablets.  Our designs are responsive and scale to fit every device, so your clients or customers can visit your site whether at home on their desktop computer, laptop, or on the go.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.  For an affordably awesome website, look no further than Peninsula Web Design.

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