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Getting Results from Your Website

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Are you seeing results from your business website? Do you receive incoming emails generated from your business website? Do those incoming messages produce income? We think that because we have become awesome at our business, everyone should just reward us. We think that because our website exists, people will find it and use it. 

Nope. If you don’t take the internet seriously for reaching buyers and clients, you will lose.

Take the internet and your business website seriously

All buying has turned on its head in the past 5-10 years. 80-90% of all buying decisions are researched and completed exclusively online, and most of those are searches on mobile. Did they find you? If they found you, was the website ready for the user? Was it easy to use and answer questions quickly?

If your website does not appear in search results, or is unreadable on mobile, you lose.

If you don’t take your website seriously as a vital tool for your continued profitability, you will languish, unknown to the people buying and hiring. So, tune it up!

I am amazed to see these companies who will pour tens of thousands of dollars or more into desks, trucks, signs, people, supplies, inventory tools … until they are invested up to their eyebrows, … and totally cheap out on a business website. They grab a handful of information about their business and throw it at a basic layout, and hope someone will find it something useful there.

Creating an effective business website requires a strategic approach.

Writing effective content for your business website

  • What is the problem(s) you are solving?
  • Who are you?
  • Why should I trust you?
  • How will you help me? What will you do for me?

These are very important questions. Your business website needs to answer these questions completely. Take time to think each through, and write down the complete answers in paragraphs. You can sort through your answers to find great content for your website. Some of it will be complete sections on your Home or About pages, and some will develop into taglines or calls to action statement. Regardless, it will help to solidify how your present your business to potential buyers.

Write content “Outside-In”. As you write for your website, put the information in the buyer or client perspective: their needs, wants first – then tell them about you. Think of how you want to be treated when you walk into a store. Do you want the clerk or owner to start telling you a long list of details about their business and themselves? Would you prefer to be asked how they can help you, and let you look around? When you are looking around, do you want the store to be organized and labeled (hint: yes…)? The experience of your business website should resemble this. Craft it so users can look around and find answers quickly. 

When you write for users, you are writing for search engines

Use an outline to logically nest sections. Think about the relationship between the elements of your business. Are some of them a subset of others? Which of them should have a focus for a page, and which are worthy of a paragraph. Address topics and subtopics in detail. One sentence is not enough. If it warrants mentioning, you can fill in details.

Use headings and subheadings appropriately. Use “H” tags correctly, in descending order. If you don’t understand “H” tags, hire Peninsula Web Design. It matters. These are not exclusively layout and design tools, although a properly designed website will have global assignments for how H tags appear. This gives the website a continuity for the importance and weight of the titles across all the pages and posts. 

However, significantly more importantly, the proper use of “H” tags is one of the ways the search engines identify the hierarchy of your content. If you randomly grab an H tag because it “looks” good on the page, you may be inadvertently giving the wrong signal to the search engines about what your site is about. 

Read your writing, and edit. When we compose writing, we are working from our “train of thought” and it can come out disjointed and disorganized. This is the same location in our brain that we use to process incoming information that we hear. This is why in conversation people can follow the oddities of speech. Press on. Keep writing to capture all your really good information. When we read (and all your potential website viewers will be reading), we process the incoming information in a different part of our brain. As we read, we want the information to be very logical. So after you write, take a break, and then go back and read. You will find yourself rewriting for logic, to complete thoughts that got past your fingers and missed getting on the page, to add better introductions and improve conclusions.

Here is the payoff: When your website has more volume of higher value information better organized than your competitor, you win! Search engines boost your ranking, and users receive the information and are more likely to respond. So put in the effort for excellent, organized. voluminous writing.

Add user interaction

People are drawn to what matter to them. We all like to matter and make an impact on the world. Add some features to your website that can be used by the user. Add some very subtle animations on hover which indicate mouse overs. This shows the user where on their screen the mouse is pointing. It’s nice for and easier user experience to reorient as the user wishes to move on. But keep these very low key. A slight shimmy is almost too much. 

A very effective element (almost the MOST effective) is a add a Custom Form related to your business for the user to complete and send in, showing their specific needs or wants for your product or services. These offer two benefits: 

  1. The user gets to initiate contact with you, feeling more in control of moving along their purchase process. It’s a significant convenience to offer.
  2. You get lots of pertinent details about your customer/client arriving in an email. This can lower your administrative efforts, as the data is all in one place, and you didn’t have to ask for each piece in a conversation. You can reach out right away, pre-informed, ready to deliver. 

Peninsula Web Design uses both these elements to good advantage in our professional web design project. Our clients get great returns and responses from both. 

  • High Road Automotive, Auto repair shop in Seattle, WA
    • 233 submissions from the Service Request Form on site in 2018

Some comments about SEO

There is a huge world to SEO. Search Engine Optimization means to organize and complete your business website so when the search engine bots come to crawl it, they assess the content to be organized and voluminous and fast and readable. Websites are ranked accordingly. Better websites get listed first. Entire careers are built and demolished with working at SEO. There are many details and practices in designing a website which improve its SEO performance. I’ve addressed writing content above. Additionally, images need to be sized appropriately to avoid unnecessarily bloating the site, to improve page load speed. Also meta tags and meta descriptions need to be written to show what’s on each page, emphasizing the authority of your website in the field you are working in. Also your web hosting service needs to deliver pages at really a blazing speed, like in 1-3 seconds. There are a bunch of additional tweaks to your website design that can “move the needle” to boost your websites SEO performance.

So now you want results

If you have crafted your business website to be welcoming and informative to users, you are more likely to get incoming business from it. If you are not receiving incoming business which you can attribute to your website, it’s time to reassess. Is the website built to deliver? Or is it simple in existence, but not converting users to customers? 

We can help!

There is a reason we do this full time. You can focus on making your business the best it can be, and we can create for you an effective, professional website you can be proud of.

If you want a consultation, we are happy to meet with you and discuss the potential of turning your business website into the valuable asset it should be for bringing in paying customers and clients.